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Joel Osteen Delivers Night Of Hope In London

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Over 5,000 gathered at London’s Wembley Arena last night to hear an inspirational message by Joel and Victoria Osteen of Lakewood Church, the largest church in the US.

“Don’t magnify your problems, magnify God,” Joel Osteen told the crowd.

He went on to share his life story, starting from when he was a college student in Oklahoma, to the moment he met his wife Victoria at a jewellery shop in Houston, to when he gave his first “nervous” sermon at Lakewood Church.

Joel also gave a message about living a positive life in God’s favour. “You need to see yourself the way you want to be,” he encouraged the crowd.

“It’s not enough to see it – you need to learn to say it.” He emphasised that we are children of the Most High God, and because of this, we must live favour-minded.

Victoria Osteen later took to the stage, urging the crowd to “encourage one another, starting with your mouth.”

Joel and Victoria Osteen weren’t the only ones who graced the stage. Joel’s mother, Dodie Osteen, also came on to testify how God saved her from severe liver cancer in 1981, drawing loud cheers from the crowd.
The Osteens’ two children, Jonathan and Alexandra, also shared a Bible verse and sang on stage.

The Osteens kicked off their UK tour Tuesday at the Odyssey Arena Belfast in Northern Ireland and will speak at the NEC Arena in Birmingham tonight.

“A Night of Hope” featured praise, worship and prayer with electrifying music from Dove Award-winning Cindy Cruse Ratcliff and the Lakewood band and ensemble.

Lakewood Church of Houston, Texas, is the largest and fastest growing church in the US with nearly 40,000 attendees.

Lakewood Church’s weekly services are also broadcast on television in the US and around the world in over 100 nations.

According to Nielsen Media Research, Joel Osteen is the most watched minister in the US and reaches 95 per cent of all US television households.

In 2005, Lakewood began holding worship services in its new 16,000-seat facility in Houston. The facility, formerly known as the Compaq Centre and home to the Houston Rockets, was acquired by Lakewood in January of 2004 and took 18 months to renovate at a cost of $95m….

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Joel Osteen — Life is good

[ An August 2005 article about Joel. Some good background notes. ]

Joel Osteen: Life is good
Popular pastor to lead worship service here

August 26, 2005
By Greg Garrison
Sometime last year, it became apparent that Lakewood Church Pastor Joel Osteen of Houston had hit the big time as one of America’s most popular preachers.

In August 2004, he did a free appearance at the 18,000-seat Philips Arena in Atlanta and filled it beyond overflowing, with the fire marshal turning away as many as 8,000 people. “I didn’t know what arena size to
get,” Osteen said. “Atlanta was our first. I couldn’t believe it.”

That fall, his book “Your Best Life Now” came out and reached No. 1 on The New York Times bestseller list. It has hovered in the top five of hardcover advice books since then, selling 2.8 million copies.

“I never dreamed my book was going to do what it’s done,” said Osteen, whose publishing income prompted him to stop taking his $200,000 salary from the church. “Hopefully I’ll never have to take a salary from the
church again. We plan to be good givers.”

During July his church, which already drew 30,000 worshippers to four services each weekend, moved into he 16,000-seat Compaq Center, former home of the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association.

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Large Church Gets Larger, Defying Trend

[ Listen to a short NPR report by Capella Tucker on Joel Osteen and their new megachurch. ]

All Things Considered, July 18, 2005ยท

When it moved into a 16,000-seat building, Houston’s Lakewood Church became the largest in the United States. The megachurch, which includes waterfalls in one enormous building, reflects a different direction from other churches, which are investing in satellite facilities. Lakewood’s leader, Rev. Joel Osteen, says people will feel comfortable coming to a church service in a venue they’ve already attended for a game or concert. Capella Tucker of Houston Public Radio reports.

Joel Osteen Interview at

[ Here’s an excerpt from an interview Joel Osteen did with back on December 15, 2004. ]

Diana Keough, contributing writer to, interviewed Joel Osteen, author of the New York Times #1 bestseller YOUR BEST LIFE NOW: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential. Osteen explains why he
decided to write the book, addresses critics who believe that his overall message is too positive, and discusses what he hopes readers will take away from his writing. Where did the idea for this book come from?

Joel Osteen: The book is the basic message I’ve been speaking about for the last two or three years. I just wanted to get it into print and have an opportunity to reach more people.

FR: Aside from trying to get these sermons in print, what is it that made you decide to write YOUR BEST LIFE NOW, now?

JO: The main reason I decided to write it was to help people enjoy their life and to realize God has a good plan. I wanted people to see that you can be happy today — that you can bloom where you’re planted and
enjoy your life right now.

FR: Did it come out of some sense of frustration from ministering to your congregation or looking out on your flock every Sunday and seeing how many of them go through each day frustrated and not growing in their

JO: I don’t know if I necessarily see it as much at my church as everywhere else. It just seems like so many people are stuck in the rut and the routine of life, and not enjoying their life as they should. So many times they’re just going to be happy “some day when problems get solved.” Just seeing that people are not living as happy and enjoying their lives as much as they should right now made me want to get my sermons, which addressed living your life to its fullest each day, into print.

BRC: Christians are often accused of being so insulated and insular. What difference is it to you if “the masses” are happy?

JO: It makes all the difference. From the very start our whole goal has been to reach the general public and not just the church world. I just want to make my message broad enough and try to affect the culture in
which we live today and not just the church world.

FR: Has the success of the book surprised you?

JO: It really has. This is all new to me. I never dreamed I’d be doing this. It’s really been overwhelming seeing it do what it’s doing and seeing all the favor that I’ve had.

FR: And why do you think your book is resonating with readers and people are gravitating to it in droves?

JO: I think that a lot of it is that my core message is a message of hope and encouragement. I think people are looking for that these days. There are a lot of negative things in our world. It’s really easy to get pushed down and live discouraged and depressed. I think people are looking for a voice of hope and somebody that will let them know that things are going to be better and that you can live a good life today.

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